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Smart & Soulful Money   Podcast


The Smart and Soulful Money® Podcast explores the intersections of smart finance, sustainability, spirituality and a conscious purpose in our money lives. Our money can be used as a sacred tool and filled with soul, empowerment and a source for positive change in the world.

Carrie B. VanWinkle, CFP® and Socially Responsive Investment Advisor with the pioneering firm Natural Investments, walks listeners through the intersections of money, feminism, activism and smart investment. An expert in the field, Carrie has conversations with specialists to dive into how we can weave together the smart strategies of finance with the soulful approach of a values-aligned money life.


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Season One

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Empower Your Money for GOOD
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Mckune.Anne Wix.jpg
Bariheadshot2-791x1024 Wix.jpg
Kathryn Buford Wix.jpg
Barbara Huson Headshot Wix.jpg
Episode 8 - Jacquette Timmons.jpg

Season Two

Episode 9 - Jacque Saltsman.jpg
Episode 10 - Jenn Pryce.jpg
Episode 11 - Joel Solomon.jpg
Episode 12 - Sara Loving.jpg

Episode 9: Jacque Saltsman

How Living Our Values Changes Our Life

Episode 13 - Stacy Parson.jpg
Episode 14 - Esther Park.jpg
Episode 15 - Christine Kane.jpg
Episode 16 - Susan Bradley.jpg

Season Three

Smart and Soulful Money Podcast - Aligned Inheritor Series - Finding Your Voice on Your Fi

Episode 17: The Aligned Inheritor Series -
Finding Your Voice on Your Financial Journey

Smart and Soulful Money Podcast - Aligned Inheritor Series - Navigating Relationships with

Episode 18: The Aligned Inheritor Series -Navigating Relationships with Communication 

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