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Smart & Soulful Money   Podcast


Episode 9: Jacque Saltsman
 How Living our Values Changes Our Life

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Jacque Saltsman is an Executive and Leadership Coach whose relentless mission is to help women own and amplify their unique leadership presence so they can have a greater impact on the people and industries they serve. 

Jacque's vast experience in coaching, communication, well-being and women's empowerment helps clients and organizations grow into their boldest potential. 

Jacque is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with advanced training in Co-Active Coaching from the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). She holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a focus on behavior change from Clemson University, as well as a multitude of other certifications in the field of Mind, Body, Spirit Connection. 


With enthusiasm and great integrity, Jacque shows up 100% committed to guiding leaders on the adventure of deep, transformative and long-lasting change.




  • Jacque talks about her work in the world, how it began, and what her work looks like with the women she coaches.


  • What are values? 

  • Why is it important for us to have clarity about our own values, and be able to name and understand them? 

  • What does it look like when we don’t have an understanding of our personal values?

  • Can we have different values in different areas of our life? 

  • Jacque talks about the processes and tools she uses with clients to help them explore and get clarity on their values.

  • Jacque discusses how she has brought her values into her money life.

  • Who is a good match for the services she offers?




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