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Episode 13: Stacy Parson
Full Spectrum Leadership, Activism and Embodying Our Power

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Stacy Parson is the Principal of Knowetry Consulting, and a Partner at The Dignitas Agency, where she asks the question – “What’s possible?” – then craft experiences to invite that.

Stacy coaches and consults with senior and C-level executives in Fortune 50 companies, Boards who are committed to equity and inclusion, start-up and emerging teams with big aspirations, and tech folks who are determined to change the world.

Stacy is known for navigating provocative discussions, facilitating insight, inspiring others to action, and strengthening organizational capacity for delivering results.

Stacy was a part of the Stanford Women’s Basketball 1990 NCAA Champion Team, is a 2nd-degree black belt in Taekwondo, a student of the Tarot and the wisdom that it makes available to leaders, and is an essential oil and herbal enthusiast – a student of how aroma cultivates emotions and mindsets that inspire action.



  • Stacy describes her work with individuals, teams and organizations.

  • Navigating volatile, uncertain, chaotic and uncertain circumstances - “You are better prepared than you realize.”

  • Stacy talks about activism and how “anybody who's moving in the direction of something they want to see in the future has to disrupt whatever's happening in the moment” and how it relates to innovation and leadership. 

  • How is it possible to live into values that don't just make your own world better, but make a much broader set of people’s better? 

  • Localized vs collective focus: How Rugged Individualism can lead us to make choices that disadvantage and create unintended disproportionate impact downstream and how raising awareness around the collective can help to position others for more possibility.

  • The importance of asking the question, "What aren't we talking about?” to help get to the root of problems.

  • "I know I've gone too far if I get kicked out of a room” - Stacy’s challenge to manage her fears around provoking new ideas.

  • Women, Power and Leadership: What are Stacy’s three Dimensions of Power and how can they help women recognize the patterns and narratives that impact them in order to embody the idea of full spectrum power?

  • Stacy talks about making money choices that align with her values. 



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