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Smart & Soulful Money   Podcast


Episode 18: The Aligned Inheritor -
Navigating Relationships with Communication

Welcome back to the Smart & Soulful Money® Podcast: the Aligned Inheritor Series! Today we’re focusing on relationships, communication, and the tools you can use to support yourself in confidently stepping into your money life as an inheritor. Without solid communication, the relationships in our lives can get a bit sticky. When an inheritance is involved, an additional charge makes it all the more crucial to build the skills we need to have those necessary conversations.


Tune in to hear about:

  • The 2 tools Carrie recommends to navigate communication and relationships

  • Limiting self-judgment in the face of patronization 

  • The key relationships that an inheritor should prioritize 

  • Leaving a legacy

  • The importance of asking questions 




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