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Episode 10: Jenn Pryce
 How the Sustainable Development Goals
Help Focus Our Efforts to Create More Positive Impact

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Jenn Pryce is President and CEO of Calvert Impact Capital. For nearly a quarter of a century, Calvert Impact Capital has strived to make markets work for more people, more often, by investing in communities overlooked by traditional finance. Calvert Impact Capital invests through organizations that on-lend to people and businesses in the US and over 120 countries. In 2017 the organizations in their portfolio provided more than $5 billion to finance everything from solar panels in Tanzania and small businesses in Texas.  

Over the past decade, Jenn has shaped the strategic direction of Calvert Impact Capital to focus on innovation, sustainability and scale.  Under her leadership the organization has expanded the sectors it works in, developed new products and services, and committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with the field on key topics like gender lens investing.  


Calvert Impact Capital remains committed to ensuring impact investing is accessible to all investors, large and small, having worked with more than 17,000 individuals, institutions and advisors to raise $2.5 billion since their founding.

Jenn began her career in the Peace Corps where she taught math in Gabon. She then worked as an equity research analyst for Neuberger Berman and on the investment banking team at Morgan Stanley’s London office before joining The Public Theater in New York City and leading the Washington DC regional office for the Nonprofit Finance Fund. Jenn studied engineering at Union College and holds an MBA from Columbia University.  She currently serves as a Forbes contributor, a lecturer at Oxford Saïd School of Business and the Advisory Board Chair of Quantified Ventures.




  • Jenn describes the work of Calvert Impact Capital and how their Community Investment Note is connecting capital and communities, with special focus on women and families in the US and around the world.

  • What is microfinance and how is it a part of the Calvert Impact Capital portfolio?

  • An introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), why they matter, and how they can be utilized as a lens to help identify how to focus your energy and impact

  • How has Calvert Impact Capital embraced the SDGs as a framework for impact?

  • Jenn tells the story of how Calvert Impact Capital facilitated the issue of the world’s first Blue Bond in the Seychelles to help preserve and save the ocean, as well as investing in a Forest Resiliency Bond and Environmental Impact Bond in the US.



Connect with Jenn & Calvert Impact Capital:  LINKEDIN | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE 

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