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Smart & Soulful Money   Podcast


Episode 4: Anne McKune
How to Create a Mission Statement
to Focus Your Philanthropy and Charitable Giving

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Anne McKune is the Director of Philanthropy at the Community Foundation of Louisville. In that position, she works with individuals, families and business leaders who are interested in being more intentional in their grantmaking. 

From helping an individual craft a personalized philanthropic plan, to working with corporations to develop customized employee giving campaigns, Anne is dedicated to partnering with the Foundation’s donors to create greater impact in community. 

Anne has over twelve years of experience in the nonprofit sector, where her work has taken her across the globe, from Quito, Ecuador, to Tanout, Niger. She holds a B.A. in French and International Studies from the University of Richmond and a Master’s Degree from UNC Chapel Hill’s School of Social Work, where her work focused on community and organizational development.



  • An introduction to the Community Foundation of Louisville (CFL) and Anne’s role within the organization

  • Anne’s background and what led her to her current work with CFL

  • Working with donors to help them create a mission statement for their philanthropy 

  • Challenges people face in the process of customizing their mission statement 

  • High level questions to help clarify for the fundholder their thoughts on philanthropy and charitable giving

  • An exploration of how “Money Messages” have informed assumptions about money and wealth

  • Examples of the differences in approaching the process with an individual, a couple or a family group

  • Philanthropy and Investing - bringing values to both

  • How Anne brings values into her personal money life





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