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Episode 6: Kathryn Buford

 How B Corps Are Taking a Stand for Better Ways of Doing Business Which Address Equity, Inclusion & Positive

Social and Environmental Impact

Dr. Kathryn Buford, currently Director of Inclusive Economies at B Lab, is a sociologist committed to translating theory into action. As a scholar, social entrepreneur, and consultant, she has led and consulted on projects for The Embassy of Jamaica, Americorps, BBC, Sony Entertainment, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and various small businesses, creative agencies, non-profits and media brands.


Her writings and commentary have appeared in publications like BBC, GOOD, CNBC and Live Unchained - her former blog (of 6 years) for women and creatives across the African Diaspora.

She holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Maryland, College Park with concentrations in Social Theory and Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship. 



  • A simple introduction to B Lab

  • What is a Certified B Corps? Why does this matter? 

  • What does Inclusive Economies refer to? 

  • As the Director of Inclusive Economies at B Lab, how is Kathryn focusing her efforts? 

  • What are the four main pillars of Kathryn’s Inclusive Economies work?

  • How are Certified B Corps helping evolve the purpose and behavior of business? 

  • How do B Corps help us connect our values into the areas of our money life? 

  • What is the impact of buying from Certified B Corps? 



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