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Smart & Soulful Money   Podcast


Episode 15: Christine Kane
The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur:  A conversation with Author and Founder of Uplevel You™

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Christine Kane is the founder of Uplevel You™, a multimillion-dollar business coaching company, which was a natural evolution from her 15-year career as a touring singer-songwriter with her own record label. Both businesses were built from scratch without a single investor. 

Learning as she went, Kane did it all step-by-step and now shares this wisdom with her clients, so they finally get it, apply it, and succeed on their own terms. Her company’s masterminds, trainings, and events draw entrepreneurs from around the world. 

Kane leads a small yet mighty team at Uplevel World Headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina. Her openness and humor online, on stage, and in writing are what first attract her clients (or her “peeps,” as she calls them) to her and her approach to business.

They become devoted followers and enthusiastic advocates because what she teaches works - their lifestyles and bank accounts prove it. Her first book will be published in November 2020.



  • What does it mean to be a Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur or to have a Soul-Sourced Business? How is it different from the typical way of having a business?

  • What is the benefit of living life in a spirit of creativity vs. reactivity?

  • Christine shares stories about what has helped her personally and to teach others about how we reconnect to the power of our presence.

  • What is the relationship between women, money and power?

  • How working with coaches has taught Christine that “we lose our power because we believe our thoughts and our emotions.”

  • What does the “I’m IN” stand for at Uplevel You™?

  • Christine talks about coming back to center - rooting into our authenticity and continuing to ask “What do I really want?” as we navigate transitions in our lives and in business.

  • “Imperfect Action” & “Embrace the Funk” - breaking out of old patterns and moving forward through mistakes, shame and self-doubt

  • Christine talks about her favorite coaching tools - the Enneagram and the Kolbe A™ Index




Connect with Christine:  WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | LINKEDIN

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