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Smart & Soulful Money   Podcast


Episode 3: Trisha Finnegan
How Impact Investing and Philanthropy
Work Together in Your Money Life

A Louisville-native, Trisha is committed to making meaningful contributions and serving others in doing the same.   

Joining the Community Foundation of Louisville in 2015, Trisha brought over 15 years of multi-functional experience including a social venture, a nonprofit and two Fortune 100 corporations.


Over the last 4+ years first as Vice President of Mission & Impact and now as Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Trisha has innovated process and programs, established and extended relationships and elevated the foundation’s community engagement and investment efforts.

Trisha Finnegan Wix.jpg

Whether through impact investing, poverty alleviation or collaborative funding initiatives, Trisha works with strategic focus and urgency to drive sustained, positive community change in concert with partners, grantees and donors.


Trisha holds a B.S. in Business and Organizational Behavior from Miami University in Oxford, OH where she graduated magna cum laude and completed a graduate certificate in Design Thinking & Innovation through the Darden School at University of Virginia in 2018. Trisha is a proud and active Board Member of the Community Foundations of Canada, Louisville Urban League, and Greater Louisville Project. 




  • Trisha talks about what sparked her interest in impact investing

  • A simple introduction to Impact Investing & Philanthropy

  • Where Impact Investing & Philanthropy are distinct and where they overlap

  • Addressing the misconception that one takes away from the other

  • How a donor / investor determines which to use and when

  • How people work with Community Foundation of Louisville to support them in their giving 

  • The Community Foundation of Louisville’s innovations with Impact Investing AS a part of their Philanthropic impact



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